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After a careful and long search, we have chosen nutraMetrix™ – Advanced Nutraceuticals™. Using nutraMetrix™ – Advanced Nutraceuticals allows us to offer a complete line of high quality nutritional supplements in isotonic or liquid form allowing for maximal absorption by the body. Through our partnership with nutraMetrix™ our office is now able to provide genetic testing to determine what supplements are best for you based on your genetic variations and unlimited access to educational programs with DVDs and printed materials to keep you informed on the latest nutrition and health information. We are also pleased to provide you with the ability to order your specific supplements directly from the nutraMetrix™ website and have them shipped right to your home. While researching nutraMetrix™ feel free to take advantage of an on-line personalized health assesment personalized health assesment to determine the proper supplements for your specific needs. It's totally free, you have nothing to lose! So take some time to experience the advantages nutraMetrix™ and how quality supplements can enhance your life.