A Chiropractic Success Story

In 1993 I was working underneath a car, it fell off the jacks and broke 2 vertebrae plus numerous other injuries. I was on pain pills for many years. In spite of the fact that I was a chiropractic non-believer at the time, a friend recommended Klingert Chiropractic Center in 2002. It is the best thing I have ever done for my overall health. I started out with chiropractic adjustments and then moved into MedX Rehabilitation. I felt like the MedX machine helped to build up the muscles around the broken vertebrae and it has worked great. I also had a right elbow and shoulder problem that has also been taken care of. I have very little pain now and I do not need pain pills at all. Since I have been doing so well, I have been bowling. In 2007 I bowled a 300 and I was at the age of 71. Maybe I wouldn't even have been bowling if not for Chiropractic help. I am on a maintenance program now going every 4-5 weeks and doing well.

My next problem was a bad rash on my body. My dermatologist and allergy doctor could not help me. I turned again to Klingert Chiropractic for help. They were more than willing to help. I did Low Level Laser treatments, bio-cellular detox footbath, and nutritional supplements for liver and parasite detox. And the rash slowly went away. I would recommend them to anyone with back pain or other health problems. They can help you. Thank you so much Mark, Rita, Kera and Gail. They are a family business and they do care.

Al Anderson

A Chiropractic Success Story

My name is Fran E. and I am a patient of Dr. Klingert. I have known Dr. Klingert and his office staff for some 20 years. I have never been fond of chiropractic care and refused to even give it a try. To make a long story short, I was suffering from pain shooting down my leg and tried physical therapy and it just didn't ease. I went to Dr. Klingert, x-rays were taken and I was treated on my first visit. Dr. Klingert also sat with me and explained every detail of my x-rays. I know this sounds like a commercial, but it is my way of letting everyone know that if you are on the fence about whether chiropractic care is right for you - DO IT! I feel the best I have felt in a long time. I'm a new person, physically and mentally. I am now a believer.


A Chiropractic Success Story

Around Thanksgiving 1998, after seeing a physician for several years for my bad back, I ruptured a disk. After having an MRI, and being referred to a neurosurgeon I was told that the only thing I could do to get relief for the pain was to try having steroids injected into my disk, or have disk removal surgery - both procedures only having a 50% chance of success! At this time I went and saw Dr. Mark Klingert, DC at Klingert Chiropractic. I had been told repeatedly by my physician that chiropractors would only make my back condition worse, but at this point I felt I had nothing to lose. Dr. Mark took a lot of time and great care in evaluating my condition and going through a treatment plan with me, and then told me very candidly that 'only time' would tell if chiropractic would work since a ruptured disk is a surgical problem. He also spent a lot of time explaining to me the reasons why I have the problems I do, which neither the physician nor surgeon bothered to do. When I went in to see Dr. Klingert it was December 17, 1998. I was walking with the aid of a cane, and on mega doses of Percoset just to tolerate the pain. By Christmas day I was no longer using my cane and off most of the pain medication. After seeing Dr. Klingert for about a month and making wonderful progress, I opted to have the steroid injections to see if it would hasten my recovery. WRONG! It only made my condition worse. I went back to see the surgeon who recommended the shots and he had no answers for me. Dr. Mark started over and once again got me mobile and out of pain. I am undergoing continued treatment and improvement with Dr. Klingert and he is educating me not only about my skeletal health, but about my body's nutritional needs to maintain and improve my skeletal health! It is important to have a sense of both physical and mental well-being. Dr. Klingert and his staff make this their priority and have made it possible for me - even more than ten years later. Thank You. Your patient and friend for life.


A DTS® Decompression Success Story

Dr. Kera, Dr. Mark, Katie, Rita and Gail,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience I've had with DTS in your office. I am very grateful you added spinal decompression therapy to what you have to offer patients.

My neck was continually worsening as the years went on. As time went by, I had to stop certain activities that were part of my lifestyle. The pain, stiffness and headaches, as well as loss of mobility, were affecting my quality of life day-to-day, if not moment-to-moment. I had tried many forms of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and several other modalities. The pain, headaches and loss of mobility continued to worsen despite my best efforts.

I was skeptical when you suggested DTS. However, after 20 DTS treatments I can say I have marked improvement in my neck! In fact, I had immediate improvement after the first two treatments! After five treatments I had hope for the first time in many years and approached each treatment with hope and excitement. The pain and stiffness is down to less than half of what it was, and now I feel stronger. I know I will continue to improve and be able to resume many of my previous activities. I even have enough mobility in my neck to use a small neck pillow!

Also, I must thank you for the fantastic tools you taught me, most of all the neck block and basketball rolling. These tools have made all the difference and give patients the empowerment to take responsibility for their own successful therapy. For me, using these tools twice a day is important and well-worth it! I hope your patients will be diligent with these tools as prescribed.

Thank you to all five of you for being so pleasant, positive, and flexible with your patients' needs in every way, including scheduling. I recognize you are dealing with people in pain all day long, for many hours a day. We all appreciate your ability to be compassionate and positive in this environment, and recognize what you do is a blessing.

Thank you.